About Us

Who We Are

Established in 1950, the Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Foundation is one of the oldest private sector support groups in the National Park Service. It is a non-profit corporation with IRS 501(c) (3) status.

Foundation membership is open to both individuals and corporations. Members support the efforts of the National Park Service at Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield with their yearly memberships, additional donations to the Foundation, and volunteer activities. The goal of the Foundation is to enhance awareness and appreciation of this national treasure—a haven for historians and those who enjoy being outdoors.

Equally important to Wilson’s Creek is the Foundation’s function as the fund raising arm of the park. National Park Service policy prohibits park personnel from being actively involved in fund-raising. Through memberships and other donations, the Foundation works to provide funds for projects that are not covered by the battlefield’s federal budget.

What We Do

Founded by business and community leaders in 1950, Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Foundation supports the Civil War battlefield that determined the fate of Missouri and endures as an integral part of American history. Foundation leaders spearheaded efforts to make the initial land purchase of 37 acres, attain National Park status, build the Visitor Center, and provide funding for the building of a 7,700 square-foot Civil War Library and education center addition.

Although the battlefield is part of the National Park Service, the Foundation works to increase community support for this revered landmark, protect historic artifacts, complete preservation and improvement projects, and enhance educational programs for students and all residents of southwest Missouri. The Foundation also facilitates expansion of the Wilson’s Creek library collection by working closely with donors and scholars.

The mission of the Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Foundation as defined in the bylaws is “To work in cooperation with and to support the Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield, a unit of the National Park Service and its staff.

To work in cooperation with and to support the Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield

To further, by all proper and legitimate agencies and means, the acquisition of Civil War historical properties and materials especially those related to the Battle of Wilson’s Creek and usable in the interpretation of the Wilson’s Creek Battle. To be a friend of the Park whose primary purpose is to support Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield in a partnership through activities which may include fundraising, volunteerism, education, advocacy, and research.”

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Foundation strives to bring history to life, protect hallowed ground, and preserve America’s heritage for generations to come.